Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Another Slow Day

We're under new restrictions this week so Gerry and I are spending most of our time at home but making a point to get out for a short while every afternoon to give me a break from Murphy and to give Murphy an opportunity to get comfortable staying home by himself (with Maya, but they're not together when we're not home). It's become a nice break in the middle of the day.

Today, we had to drop off a little dog coat I had bought for Murphy that turned out to be too big (surprise, surprise). I offered it for sale on Marketplace and another small dog owner bought it. I didn't mind delivering it as we were coming into town anyway.

Gerry took advantage of the nice day to take our car through the car wash. He prefers a DIY wash so, while I stayed warm and snapped photos like a lady of leisure, he washed the car. After we got home, he drove our second car down the hill and washed it too. What a guy! 

I mentioned the jacket for Murphy that was too small. I'm thinking of trying my hand at knitting a little sweater for him. We'll see. Finding something small enough to fit him is a challenge so it might be the best route. There were so many more options when we lived in WA and I still have a couple of things that would fit him from when we had, Chelsea, but they're mostly pink and I just can't do that to him. 

This morning I was thinking about a photo I took in 2007, the first year we had Chelsea. I still have the little outfit she wore but Murphy says he's definitely not interested in putting it on. We're discussing it. 😁 

He's also made it perfectly clear he's absolutely NOT going to dress up in a matching outfit with Maya (like the girls did a number of years ago). I'll grant him that one.

Oh, dear. I just realized I might be becoming one of those dog people. You know what? I'm okay with it. Especially now when we could all use a little diversion from you know what.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving for those of you in the US so I'm sending warm greetings from our home to yours. While your day may be different than expected I trust it will be special nonetheless. 🦃


  1. Your hubby is a trooper for being out there washing cars in I'm sure cold weather! The dogs look cute with their sweaters/outfits. When we lived in Billings Montana and had a different corgi than we have now, he had such thick heavy fur we never put a sweater on him in the cold winter. I'm not sure he would have handled it though, but with the size of your dogs I'm sure they need something to help them with the winter chill :)

    We're having a quiet Thanksgiving tomorrow, just hubby and me. Not because of restrictions, we already got together with son/family Monday night, but because I want them (son/family) to do their own traditions rather than always feel they have to come and celebrate the holidays with the "old folks" :)


  2. Actually, it's not cold here yet! We're having a beautiful and long autumn and hoping it lasts for a good while longer.

    Hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving, Betty. Sometimes quiet celebrations are the sweet ones.

  3. Your dogs are sooo adorable! Are their names Murphy and Maya? What fun they must be!

    1. Yes, Murphy and Maya are fun...and sometimes exhausting!


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