Monday, November 23, 2020

A Dog Keeps You Young

(Photo taken before we got Murphy his own BLUE harness and leash.)

In a couple of days, we will have had Murphy for one month. To say this tiny three pound ten-month-old dog has turned our lives upside down is an understatement. He has. In a very good way.

Truth is, though, that bringing this pup into our lives has reminded me of what it was like forty years ago when I had babies. Except I was younger then, with more energy, and perhaps not quite as set in my ways as I am at age sixty-one.

We've been blessed that Murphy has slept quietly through the night in his crate beside our bed from the day we brought him home. A string of sleepless nights was my biggest concern once we decided to go ahead with getting him. Thank goodness that wasn't the case!

Murphy and I have been figuratively joined at the hip pretty much 24 x 7. All good, but that's another thing I'm remembering about what it was like to have babies—a distinct lack of time to call my own. It's all good though and, as I remind myself, temporary.

This afternoon Gerry and I went out (sans both dogs) and grabbed burgers, fries, and root beer and went to the park to eat. It's chilly, so we stayed in the car, but it was such a nice break in the middle of the day. I felt like a teenager as we sat in the car chatting and eating our lunch! 

So yes, having a puppy does keep one young. Tired. But young. 



  1. Winslow our corgi is 10 months old. He is a bundle of energy. He definitely keeps us active and moving; I'm not sure about the young part yet :) Since hubby is retired and I'm still working he has more "puppy duty" than I do. Since I stayed at home with the kids when they were young he is getting a taste of that 24/7 and one on one like I did with the kids with taking care of Winslow :) Its been a bit eye opening for him :)


    1. Kudos to your hubby for stepping up to doing dog duty! When we got our first Yorkie I was traveling for work so Gerry was the “main man” with the pup (though he was working full time too). I wonder now how we managed to raise not one but two puppies to adulthood while we were both working full time. It’s an entirely different experience now that we’re both at home.

  2. Such cute little dogs. I'm sure it's hard to say no to those eyes!


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