Wednesday, December 2, 2020


I’ve been taking photos of the view outside our bedroom window when something catches my attention. Yesterday it was the light. I shot this one around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. It doesn’t capture that it’s starting to get dark around that time—in fact, it seems to indicate that it’s still daylight outside.

The telltale glow from the door on the right is coming from the non-traditional tree in the living room. The living room window overlooks the deck that the door leads to. The bedroom is dark, and the exposure is such that it skews reality a bit.

I’m reminded of the truism that says perception becomes our reality. To a certain extent, it’s correct. But our perception can be skewed by exposure to certain things too. 

In this season I’m reminding myself of that, and being mindful of where I allow my thoughts to linger. It’s easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of less-than-productive thoughts. 

I bought an arrangement of flowers a few days ago intending to spend time photographing them with my macro lens. Either the light hasn’t been good or, when it has, I’ve been occupied with something else. The flowers sit waiting on the table in my woman cave. I hope I can spend time with them before they wilt. Perhaps today.

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  1. Even slightly wilted flowers can have a certain beauty about them, right? Hope you capture the photo you want!


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