Friday, December 11, 2020

Friday’s Fave Five - December 11, 2020

I got a text from my daughter last evening asking if we could connect for a chat this morning. I was confused until I realized it’s Friday today and her flex day off work. How on earth did Friday arrive so quickly in a week where nothing much happened? I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m looking back at five things from the blur that was this week.

A new Kobo. I’m an avid reader and have read mostly on my Kindle for years. My Kindle Paperwhite isn’t library friendly, and I spend an astounding amount of money buying books. I decided to start taking more advantage of our local library, and bought a Kobo so I can access library ebooks. Often, the books I want aren’t available at the library (or there’s a long wait time) but the Kobo is going to work well for fiction I can get lost in, which is what I’m looking for these days.

Grocery store shortbread. No, I don’t like them as much as the cookies I make using my mom’s recipe, but  this year they’re good enough. (And they’re still pretty tasty.)

Gentle lentil soup. This is one of my favourite soups. I made a batch this week and used a little too much garlic (if that’s possible). Opening the fridge was a pungent experience until it was all used up! (Here’s a link to the recipe.

My orchid is budding! I’ve had an orchid on my kitchen windowsill for a few years and it has re-bloomed only once. This week I noticed it’s budding again! 

Murphy went to the groomer. It was his first visit since we brought him home, and our groomer referred to him as a “spitfire” afterwards. He’s definitely not as mild mannered as Maya! She often takes photos of the pets she works with and managed to get a good one of our boy.

(My Five Minute Friday post is up on my other blog.)


  1. I love your Fave Five and Murphy's picture from the groomer is adorable! I have never heard of a Kobo but I do have a Kindle and love it. I can get library books for my Kindle but I think it depends on whether or not the library uses the required software.

  2. Hi Linda! Checking in your double duty Friday posts. You've written quite a bit for us today. I've enjoyed both and been uplifted in spirit by both. I must say Murphy has an expression of consternation on his wee little face. Of course, it was his first grooming experience!

  3. I'm making a note of your recipe for lentil soup. Looks really good. I admire your patience with the orchid. I've been gifted a couple, but never had luck with them reblooming. Sweet photo of Murphy!

  4. Murphy is adorable after the groomer. Our library uses OverDrive to check out their books. I can read them on my tablet through the Kindle app. There are a lot of books I have to wait for but can have 8 holds at a time. Definitely worthy waiting (and there are plenty of other books to read) then to buy the book :)



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